Mascetti Law Firm offers advice and assistance in the art sector, providing legal protection for all situations and issues that might arise when dealing with an artwork. Our legal advice is intended for those entities who work in the art field: private bodies, companies, artists, art galleries, auction houses, collectors, foundations, insurance companies, customs officers, banks and brokers.

Mascetti Law Firm provides legal protection and assistance, in and out of court, in the following areas:

  • advice on purchase and sale, loan and brokerage of artworks
  • drafting of industry-specific contracts
  • successions and heritage
  • contractual relations between artists and bodies, institutions and brokers
  • authenticity of works and relevant certificates
  • authorship of works, protection of copyright, privacy, intellectual property
  • activities of import/export of artworks worldwide, customs law, circulation of works
  • investments, art taxation and droit de suite
  • criminal law protection in case of laundering, theft, fraud, counterfeiting, plagiarism, illicit export

Thanks to the collaboration of qualified external consultants, who are expert in cultural heritage, the Firm is able to provide clients with historical and artistic information about the artworks.